? what is urban expressions

Ten local artists have been challenged to imprint their own urban expression on a black bottle of Russian Bear Vodka. Testing the limits of originality, creativity and craft, we will document their journey from blank canvas to final masterpiece. Join us as we explore and unlock the inner workings of our chosen artistic minds.

! voting

You get to make some noise and choose your favourite design. Voting will be open for a week. After which the 3 designs with the most votes will go into the final and the winner will be selected by the Russian Bear Master.

* prizes

The winning artist will design a limited edition run of Russian Bear Vodka bottles. As if that's not enough they will also receive R40 000 cash. But we haven't forgotten about you. There will be a number of prizes randomly given out to the Russian Bear Urban Expression supporters who catch our attention.

Urban Expressions Design Challenge Winner; Hylton Warburton

The theme for the design challenge ‘urban expressions’ was inspired by the spaces we share in modern society.

Urban Expressions Round Up “A walk through expressions”

Testing the limits of originality, creativity and craft.

Signwriters pen… makes nice marks, but takes an eternity to dry

I’ve been making chalk drawings on found wood for a bit now

Lesego Mathaba takes us through his artwork rationale

I took all these elements and fused them onto the design and created
a character.

Russian Bear Urban Expressions ; Video 1

Video interview with artists Kady, Viwe and Frances

Rasty Knayles Artwork Rationale

“The artwork evolved as it grew on the bottle”

Everything is my canvas!

I hope more platforms like these are opened up for artists, especially to encourage collaboration.

Spray paint, acrylic, coloured paper, glue and fine liners.

“I still don’t know how Russian Bear thought of this”

Kady plays with acrylic paint on Urban Expressions

When you are dealing with such talent there is no losing, it’s either you win or you don’t win.

Hylton Warburton – Behind The Scenes

Drawing all that detailed line work, I can get lost in the smallest details.

‘It comes from a space within’ – Frances Frylinck

Compassionate illustrator, innovator, tea fiend and dreamer of dreams. Arguably part-sandwich, part-panda.

Getting to know Rasty Knayles

“I never go to sleep on the same day I woke up.”